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The applications that the Township Planning Department processes and reviews include:


It is recommended that any person who is proposing to submit an application for an amendment to the Official Plan or Zoning By-law; an application draft plan of subdivision or condominium; site plan control or severance applicant are required to consult with Township Planning staff to determine which, if any, studies or additional information will be required before the application is deemed to be complete and can be processed. A pre-consultation meeting does not imply or suggest any decision on behalf of Township staff or Council to either support or refuse any application. The failure to submit an application without going through the pre-consultation process may result in a delay in the processing of the application.  top of page

Official Plan Amendments

The Township’s Official Plan is a policy document which sets out the goals, objectives and directions for long-term growth and development within the Township. The Official Plan can be amended through either a municipally initiated or privately initiated Official Plan Amendment (OPA) process. The OPA process allows for site specific amendments to the plan and also allows for the establishment of new policies. Site specific amendments are adopted and approved by Township Council with a 20 day appeal period which follows, whereas general amendments which apply to the entire Township are adopted by Township Council and approved by Niagara Regional Council and then a 20 day appeal period begins. 
Click here to access the electronic application for an Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment Application.

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Zoning By-law Amendments

The existing Zoning By-law can be altered through a Zoning By-law Amendment process. The Zoning By-law Amendment process provides a way to amend the regulations for individual properties and is generally initiated by the property owner. Occasionally, Township staff will initiate Township-wide amendments to the Zoning By-law which change the regulations for all properties within that zone. All Zoning By-law Amendments are approved by Township Council.
Click here to access the electronic application for an Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment Application.

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Site Plan Approval

The Township requires Site Plan Approval for Commercial, Industrial, Multiple Residential development or expansion (including Condominiums); and for greenhouse operations larger than 4000 m2. The Site Plan will identify the exact location of any buildings, parking areas, storage areas, access points, landscaping, fencing and any storm water management facilities. Where site plan approval is required, the applicant must submit a site plan application to the Township for review. The proposed site plan is circulated to all relevant agencies for comment and any required changes must be made prior to the final approval of the plan. Under the Planning Act, the public is not involved with the site plan process, but can view site plans by contacting Township Staff. All site plans submitted to the Township must be prepared by a qualified professional, such as architect, engineer, surveyor, etc..

Click here for the Township's Site Plan Control By-law
Click here to access the Application for Site Plan Approval

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Plans of Subdivision/Condominium

Applications for Plans of Subdivision/Condominium are required for any proposal to create more than five lots at one time. These Plans must address road and pedestrian access, lot grading and drainage, landscaping, storm water management, among other issues. Engineering, archaeology, environmental, noise and vibration studies may all be required prior to the final approval of the subdivision. Township Council is the approval authority for all Plans of Subdivision/Condominium.

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Consents (Severance)

A land severance is an authorized separation of lands to create a new parcel of land, or new lot. This process is also referred to as a Consent. A severance is needed to sell, mortgage, or enter into any agreement (at least 21 years) for a portion of an individual’s lands. A Severance is also required for rights-of-ways, easements and minor boundary adjustments. If a property is already separated by a railway, road or hydro corridor, for example, no application for severance is required. 
The Township’s Official Plan provides the specific policies for lot creation in the different land designation areas. The Zoning By-law identifies the minimum requirements that any new lots must meet.
Once a severance has been approved, the new land parcels may be sold or re-sold without further approval. The granting of Severances is done by the Committee of Adjustment.
Click here to access the Consent Application.

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Temporary Use By-laws

Temporary Use By-laws are used to permit uses, such as granny flats or garden suites, which are intended to be temporary in nature for a set period of time. Temporary Use By-laws for Garden Suites or Granny Flats may be approved for up to a ten year period, with the opportunity to extend them for up to an additional three years at the end of the ten year period. For all other applications for a Temporary Use By-law, they may only be approved for up to a three year period with the opportunity for a one year extension by application at the end of the three year period. Once a Temporary Use By-law expires, the use must stop.

Click here for an application for a Temporary Use By-law
Click here for the Schedule of Fees & Other Review Fees 

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