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Information for Applicants for Residential Building Permit Applications

Click to download Building Permit Application Forms PointingfingerLeft-animation

The following items are required for Residential Building Permits. 

  • It is recommended that you meet with the building and planning departments before applying for a permit to review requirements specific to individual applications.
  • Full payment of Building Permit Fees and Deposits must be paid upon application submission – where the exact amount is not known, the building department will estimate an amount to be paid that is subject to adjustments upon Building Permit issuance. 
  • Municipal and Regional Development Charges are payable at time of issuance.

The following information must accompany building permit applications before review and processing of the permit can be completed – (some information may not be required for all applications):

  1. Completed Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish
  2. Completed Schedule 1: Designer Information
  3. Completed Permit Application Checklist
  4. Detailed plot plan clearly identifying all existing and proposed building sizes, distances to property lines, locations of wells and septic systems, distances to neighbouring houses and agricultural buildings.
  5. Lot Grading and Drainage Plan and $270.00 fee (visit for the Township of Wainfleet Lot Grading and Drainage Policy Screen to determine if this is required).
  6. Verification and/or permit from Township of Wainfleet Private Sewage System Regulating Department
  7. Verification and/or permit from Regional Niagara or Ministry of Transportation.
  8. Details of entrance culvert existing or required from road authority (culvert permit).
  9. Verification of utility locations – hydro, gas, telephone, etc.
  10. Minimum Distance Separation Calculations from Planning Department.
  11. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority verification of proposed work (905-788-3135).
  12. Two (2) copies of detailed construction drawings for the proposed work including reference to Ontario Building Code requirements and professional engineering or architectural drawings, as necessary.
  13. Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design and Energy Efficiency Design Summary.
  14. Truss drawings and engineered floor layout.

The above information must accompany building permit applications – some applications may require additional information while others may not. Building Department staff will advise applicants if additional information is needed depending on the type and complexity of the proposed work.

NOTE: A Municipal and Regional Development Charge is applied to new houses and non-residential buildings and is due upon permit issuance. For more information please see the Wainfleet Development Charges Bylaw and the Niagara Regional Development Charges Bylaw.