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Information for Applicants for Demolition Permits

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The following information must accompany demolition permit applications before review and processing of the permit can be completed:

  1. Completed Permit Application Checklist
  2. Completed Declaration Re: Clearances for Demolition Permit
  3. Completed Application for a Permit to Demolish
  4. Detailed plot plan clearly identifying all existing buildings and buildings intended for demolition as well as distances to property lines, locations of wells and septic systems, distances to neighbouring houses and agricultural buildings.
  5. Two (2) copies of detailed construction drawings for the proposed work including reference to Ontario Building Code requirements and professional engineering or architectural drawings, as necessary.

Full payment of Demolition Permit Fees and Deposits must be paid upon application submission. ($137.98 per 100 m2 or part thereof + deposit)

NOTE: The above is basic information required for demolition permit applications – some applications may require additional information while others may not require all information as noted depending on the complexity of the proposed work.


Section 357/358 Application

Included in the Demolition Permit Package is a Section 357/358 Application form which may be submitted to the Township’s Tax Department upon completion of the demolition.

The submission of this form may result in a reduction in property assessment due to the removal of certain buildings from the property. Please note that the demolition of a building will not necessarily result in a property assessment reduction. It is up to the discretion of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to reduce property assessments.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to complete and submit this form. For questions or assistance completing the form please contact the Township’s Tax Department at (905) 899-3463, Extension 222. Completed forms must be returned to the Township Office.