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The Building Department is responsible for reviewing plans and conducting inspections for all structures for which a building permit has been issued. The Building Department ensures that all issued permits are in accordance with the Ontario Building Code Act and applicable laws. The Act regulates building activities in the province and delegates the responsibility for enforcement of the Building Code to local municipalities.

It is highly recommended that when applying or planning on applying for a building permit, a meeting is set up with the Chief Building Official to review requirements and avoid any disappointments or delays in issuing the permit.

  • Permits are required for most construction activities, including sheds and decks (even if under 600 millimetres (approx. 2 feet) in height) that are greater than 10 square meters (approx. 107 square feet).
  • If you are uncertain as to whether your construction requires a building permit, please contact the Building Department.
  • Accurate drawings and a site plan are necessary so that the project may be assessed for compliance with the Code and other applicable laws including zoning bylaws.

Private outdoor pools less than 3.5 meters deep do not require a permit, however septic, zoning, and bylaw requirements still apply, please contact the respective department for more information. It is up to property owners, tenants, etc to ensure their pools meet these requirements. In accordance with the Township’s Fence Bylaw 019-2005 “Every owner of an outdoor swimming pool shall erect and maintain around the perimeter of the swimming pool, or subject to the provisions of this bylaw, around the perimeter of the property on which the swimming pool is situated, a continuous fence of substantial construction, complete with a self-locking gate or gates, to a minimum height of 1.25 meters (4 feet) above grade, or to a maximum height as otherwise specified in this bylaw.” A copy of this bylaw is available online or at the Township’s Municipal Office. Although there are no pool permits, decks around a pool that are greater than 107 sq. ft. in area require a Building Permit.

Building Permit Application Forms are available online and at the Township of Wainfleet Municipal Office.


Prior to applying for a permit it is often necessary to obtain the approvals of other agencies or other levels of government depending on the type of project or project location. It is beneficial to contact the Building and Planning Department early in the planning of a project to determine if other approvals are required.


Randy De Guire, CBO
Phone: 905-899-3463 X 272   E-mail:

Tara McLachlan, Building Administrative Assistant
 Phone: 905-899-3463 X 221   E-mail: