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Niagara Fire Service: Critical Incident Stress Association

Who Are We?

The Niagara Fire Service Critical Incident Stress Association was founded in 1997 as a group of Firefighters trying to help Firefighters cope with the effects of job related stress. We have established group of trained individuals that provide three proven types of crisis intervention, Peer Support, Defusings and Debriefings. We are also a Regional Team that is in place to assist local Municipal Teams that may need to draw upon our ever-ready Critical Incident Stree Management (CISM) professionals, 24 hours a day.

We are your CISM Team comprised of peers, Mental Health Professional(s) and Clergy who are sincere in their desire to offer assistance in helping manage and ease these symptoms through support and education. The team places the highest value on respect and confidentiality when providing this service. Confidentiality has to be respected by everyone involved in the process for this service to be successful.