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Collective Agreements for Public Service

The high quality programs and services offered by the Township of Wainfleet are a reflection of the accomplishments of our people: full-time and part-time employees, inside and outside workers, union and non-union staff, Council members, volunteers and others.

Unlike individual employment agreements negotiated between an individual and their employer, collective agreements are the written contracts of employment that govern a group of employees represented by the same trade union. These agreements contain provisions governing the terms and conditions of employment for all employees in the bargaining unit, and identify the rights, privileges and duties of the employer, the trade union and the employees.

Wainfleet has two (2) unionized employee groups. One group consisting of certain inside/outside workers is represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1287 (“CUPE”). The other consists of our volunteer firefighters, who are represented the Wainfleet Volunteer Firefighters’ Association (“WVFFA”).

Each group has its own collective agreement, which varies in length and contains different terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the subject of negotiations between the Township and the applicable union. When the collective agreement expires, the agreement becomes the subject of renegotiation between the parties. These negotiations are conducted in accordance with the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1995.

Collective bargaining is an important process to the Township, the union and to all employees covered by the collective agreement. It is also important to the Township’s residents who rely on the services provided by our outstanding employees. The Township approaches all negotiations with the goal of achieving collective agreements that are mutually satisfactory and fiscally responsible, without the need for work stoppages.

The Township acknowledges the important role that our unions play and believes that negotiations should always take place at the bargaining table. However, we understand the importance of governmental transparency, and that timely and accurate information must be available to members of our community with regard to the status of negotiations in which the Township is currently participating. This webpage is intended to act as a resource for members of the community seeking information with regard to the status of any ongoing negotiations, so that the public may remain informed throughout the process. This website will be updated periodically as may be appropriate and necessary for this purpose.

UPDATE #1 - July 9, 2019 - Negotiations between the Township and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1287

The Township of Wainfleet is party to a collective agreement with CUPE, Local 1287 (hereafter “CUPE”), which represents a bargaining unit comprised of certain specified inside and outside workers employed by the Township.  That collective agreement expired December 31, 2018, but remains in operation while the Township and CUPE engage negotiations aimed at achieving a renewal collective agreement.  

The Township and CUPE have now met twice in collective bargaining, and have exchanged their respective proposals for a renewal collective agreement. Discussions at the table have been meaningful and respectful, and the Township looks forward to meeting with CUPE again for this purpose. It is our hope that a renewal collective agreement can be achieved in a timely fashion, without any work stoppages.

Further bargaining dates are being scheduled into July and August. The Township will provide further updates on this website as the negotiations unfold.  


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