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The Township is currently looking to implement a new encroachment policy.

 An “encroachment” is any type of:

  • Vegetation;
  •  man-made object or;
  • personal property;

which is on, or extends onto public lands.


The Township Is currently in the draft process of this policy and is looking for public input on information given so far. These were the document that were available at the last public meeting on Thursday July 16, 2015.  The Planning department is scheduled to take this to council for Tuesday August 25, 2015 and all comments must be received before then.


At the last public meeting three documents were provided:


A PowerPoint on what encroachments are and how Wainfleet intends to solve them

Click here for the Encroachment Presentation


A handout was provided that is a draft of the different types of encroachments, the draft checklist and the flow chart of an encroachment

Click here for the Encroachment Handout


 And a comment form to submit input

Click here for the Encroachment Comment Form