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The Township has adopted an Interim Control By-law on March 26, 2019 which prohibits the use of any land, building or structure for cannabis production. The Township is currently reviewing zoning and licensing requirements regarding cannbis production. The Interim Control By-law was amended on March 10, 2020 via By-law 009-2020 to extend the period of time during which Interim Control By-law will be in effect from March 26, 2020 to November 26, 2020. A copy of both by-laws can be found below.

If you wish to be added to the notification list regarding draft zoning and licensing provisions please contact Sarah Ivins at

Interim Control By-law 021-2019

By-law 009-2020 (Amend Bylaw 021-2019)


The Township currently has three regulations to govern Medical Marihuana Facilities – Township Zoning Bylaw 034-2014, Township Site Plan Control Guidelines and Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Bylaw 057-2017.

Zoning Bylaw 034-2014

Zoning Bylaw 034-2014 permits Medical Marihuana Facilities in the Agricultural & Rural zones (A1, A2, A3 and A4) through a site specific zoning bylaw amendment and is subject to the following regulations:

  • A Medical Marihuana Facility or portion thereof shall not be permitted in a dwelling;
  • A Medical Marihuana Facility shall be located a minimum of 150m from the lot line of any Residential or Institutional use or zone, including a day nursery;
  • A sign identifying the facility or property as being or containing a medical marihuana facility shall be prohibited;
  • Outdoor storage shall be prohibited.

Site Plan Control

The Township Site Plan Control Guidelines state that a Medical Marihuana Facility requires a Level 1 approval. A Level 1 approval is a decision of Council and requires that a site plan agreement be executed by bylaw. The site plan guidelines for a Medical Marihuana Facility are as follows:

  • Buildings are sited as far as reasonably possible from surrounding dwellings and a minimum of 150m from the lot line of any residential or Institutional zone, including a day nursery;
  • Buildings should resemble greenhouse or farm buildings as much as possible and rooftop ventilation equipments should be screened from view of the street and adjacent properties with noise mitigating screening;
  • Surface parking is provided to the rear or to the side of the building and all loading and garbage pickup zones are located indoors;
  • Security fences that abut the public street should be screened with a 3m landscape area located between the lot line and the fence and native and/or drought resistant planting is used throughout the site;
  • Security lighting is located low on the building elevations and directed downward to reduce glare on adjacent lots and public roads.

Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Bylaw

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Bylaw is similar to a business licensing bylaw and provides further regulation for this type of facility within the Township. Key highlights of the proposed bylaw are:

  • Every Medical Marihuana Facility is required to obtain and hold a valid licence from the Township – the licences are to be renewed each year
  • Licence application requirements include zoning compliance, proof of a Health Canada licence, Fire Code compliance, general inspection report by the Electrical Safety Authority, proof of insurance, police check, etc.
  • Authorizes the Licence Manager to issue, renew, revoke or suspend a license and outlines grounds for each action
  • Provides the opportunity for applicants to appeal the decision of the Licence Manager to the Appeal Tribunal
  • Authorizes inspections of the facility
  • Requires that a registry of licences be established and maintained
  • Outlines nuisance abatement requirements and penalties for bylaw contraventions


Information regarding the approval process for a medical marihuana facility can be found in the Medical Marijuana Facilities Brochure.


Bylaw 057-2017 – Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Bylaw

Medical Marihuana Facility Licence Application