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The Township previously had alphanumeric addresses, which was problematic for many users including utility companies, emergency services personnel, Canada Post and personal GPS navigation devices. In 2010 the Township undertook a municipal addressing project to address these issues and developed a Municipal Addressing Policy to guide future addressing requests.


Municipal Addressing Policy

Policy Highlights

  • Vacant lands are not assigned a municipal address until such a time that a building permit is issued.
  • Addresses consist of 5 digits.
  • Even numbers are allotted for the North and West sides of the street.
  • Odd numbers are allotted for the South and East sides of the street.
  • Addresses are allocated to the street unto which the entrance way is constructed.

The fee for a new address is $140 and is collected during the submission of a building permit. The fee covers the cost of the materials and installation of the green address sign as well as administrative costs for notifying all relevant agencies of a new municipal address.


*NEW* Rural 911 - The Emily Project
In support of the Farm 911 - Emily Project, farm parcels may be assigned a municipal address (or multiple municipal addresses) to better assist emergency services in locating an emergency incident on large parcels of vacant farmland. Addresses will be assigned based on the location of the field entrance to a public road. This is a voluntary program and those who wish to participate must complete the Farm Parcel Municipal Address Application Form and submit the fee ($140).


Farm Parcel Municipal Address Application