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An Official Plan is a municipal policy document, adopted and approved under the Planning Act that outlines Council’s vision for the Township over the next 20 years. It begins as a snapshot of the Township and, over time grows and adjusts to new or changing needs.

The Official Plan contains goals, objectives and policies to manage and direct change and its effects on the social, economic and natural environment of the municipality. This includes policies that apply to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other land uses. Together, this document helps Council maintain the quality of life that defines Wainfleet.

The Township of Wainfleet was adopted by Township Council in 2011. Final approval was given by the Ontario Municipal Board on August 14, 2014.

Complete Version of Official Plan

1.0 Introduction Schedule A – Municipal Structure
2.0 Municipal Structure Schedule B – Land Use (Township)
3.0 Land Use Policies Schedule B1 – Land Use (Chambers Corners)
3.1 Rural & Agricultural Areas Schedule B2 – Land Use (Becketts Bridge)
3.2 Natural Environment Schedule B3 – Land Use (Wainfleet)
3.3 Residential Areas Schedule B4 – Land Use (Winger)
3.4 Commercial Areas Schedule B5 – Land Use (Hendershot Corners)
3.5 Industrial Areas Schedule B6 – Land Use (Wellandport)
3.6 Extractive Industrial Area Schedule B7 – Land Use (Ostryhon Corners)
3.7 Possible Extractive Industrial Area Schedule B8 – Land Use (Burnaby)
3.8 Mineral Aggregate Resource Areas & Natural Gas Resource Areas Schedule B9 – Land Use (Lakeshore Area)
3.9 Parks & Open Space Schedule C – Waste Disposal Assessment Areas
3.10 Resort Recreational Schedule D – Transportation and Cycling Network
3.11 Hazard Land Area Schedule E – Natural Environment Features
3.12 Institutional Area Schedule F – Mineral Aggregate Resource Areas and Natural Gas Resource Areas
4.0 Environmental Management
5.0 Infrastructure & Roads LIST OF APPENDICES
6.0 Noise, Air Quality & Vibration Control Appendix 1 – Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas
7.0 Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Appendix 2 – Areas of High Aquifer Vulnerability
8.0 Implementation Appendix 3 – Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Regulation Area
Appendix 4 – Municipal Drains


Official Plan Amendments

If a property owner wishes to develop land differently than what the Township’s Official Plan prescribes, they may submit an application for an official plan amendment. Prior to submitting an application for an official plan amendment please consult with the Planner. Information regarding the official plan amendment process can be found in the Official Plan Amendment Brochure.