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The billing of property taxes are done by means of an Interim Tax Bill produced in January and a Final Tax Bill produced in June. Interim and Final Bills are payable in two instalments with due dates on the last business day of each month as follows:

INTERIM DUE DATES: February and April

FINAL DUE DATES: July and September

Tax Bills are calculated as follows:

  • Interim - 50% of previous year’s Final Taxes
  • Final – Current Year’s Assessment x Current Year’s Tax Rate (less Interim)

Please be informed, due to current Legislation, the Interim Bill cannot amount to more than ½ of the previous year's Final Adjusted Taxes. The Interim Bill does not represent half of the current year's taxes.

Owners of Residential or Farm properties can calculate their annual taxes by multiplying the property's assessment by the appropriate tax rates.
Property Tax Bills for portions assessed (in whole or in part) in the Commercial, Industrial or Multi-Residential classification are subject to Capping Legislation. Therefore Final taxes are not limited to the Assessment multiplied by the Tax rates otherwise referred to as CVA taxes.

If the property you own is under construction, being renovated or is a newly constructed building, you may not be fully assessed. If the work was not completed by, or the new building was not picked up on the assessment roll by January 1st, you will be issued a supplementary tax bill. This bill will be issued upon receipt of the necessary assessment information from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and may be payable in less than two instalments.