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The township's 2011 population of 6,356 was a decrease of 3.7 per cent compared to its population of 6,601 in the Canada 2006 Census. There were 2337 private dwellings occupied by usual residents, out of a total of 2937 dwellings.

Population trend

Population in 2011: 6356 (2006 to 2011 population change: -3.7 %) climate
Population in 2006: 6601
Population in 2001: 6258
Population in 1996: 6253
Population in 1991: 6203


Wainfleet is located within the temperate zone of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, which is characterized by mild winters and warm summers. The average monthly high temperature ranges from -1C to 4C (30F to 40F) in January to 27C - 29C (80F to 85F) in July. The average monthly low temperature ranges from -12C to -7C (10F to 20F) in January to 16C to 18C (60F to 65F) in July. These temperatures make Wainfleet's climate one of Canada's most pleasant.

Precipitation is distributed evenly through all seasons of the year. Average annual precipitation for the area is 89 mm to 102 mm (35 in. to 40 in.). This average includes rain, melted snow, and other moisture. The landscape of Wainfleet Township consists of low-lying sand, clay, limestone and 2,500 acres of peat bog. Wainfleet is considered relatively flat with few places being 13 feet above the level of Lake Erie (572 ft.).

The exceptions include Burnaby, which rises 63 feet above the lake and Morgan's Point, which rises 28 feet above the lake. North-west, southeast, and north-east consists mostly of clay sands. The eastern half of the Township is a sphagnum peat bog which extends east to the former Humberstone Township. The Township contains five hamlets which are Burnaby, Ostryhon Corners, Winger, Chamber's Corners, and the Village of Wainfleet. The Village of Wainfleet is located in the heart of the Township and is the location of the Municipal Office and Town Hall.