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The Treasury/Property Tax Department’s responsibility is to provide financial management of the corporation.  We provide financial reporting, advice on financial matters and support to Council and all Township Departments.  The Treasurer performs statutory duties under the Ontario Municipal Act, Municipal Bylaws and Council policies.  The Department also manages tax billing services to the residents of the Township.

Specifically the Treasury/Property Tax Department is responsible for:

  • Guiding the financial strategies for the Corporation
  • Developing the budgets for the Corporation
  • Levying and collection of property taxes
  • Preparing Financial Reports for the Corporation
  • Completing benchmarks established by the Province of Ontario
  • Designing, implementing and administering financial policies and procedures
  • Administering reserves and reserve funds
  • Managing investments
  • Collecting other revenues for the Corporation
  • Controlling the property tax registration and sale processes
  • Managing Budget Meeting Schedules
  • Administering the accounts receivable and payable process
  • Monitoring financial impacts and analysis
  • Processing payroll and benefit administration
  • Providing cashier services
  • Accounting form and managing the financial assets and records of the Corporation
  • Liaising with municipal, provincial and federal auditors and financial institutions

 Any questions or comments may be directed to:

Mallory Luey, Manager of Corporate Services/Treasurer
  Phone: 905-899-3463 X 244   E-mail:

Sherry Mayne, Deputy Treasurer
 Phone: 905-899-3463 X 276   E-mail:

Maryann Sheets, Tax Clerk
Phone: 905-899-3463 X 222   E-mail: